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Ryan L. Ventura, broker/owner of R.L. Ventura & Associates, is a second-generation carpenter that has over 15 years experience in residential construction & real estate. Ryan comes from a real estate family and grew up being involved in real estate & construction. Ryan, Kari, and Elizabeth aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and help clients out with pre-sale repairs or remodeling/repairing a new home they just purchased. 


Everyone these days seems to know Realtor. However, are you looking for a Realtor who actually has extensive knowledge of the product they are selling? We believe that Real Estate + Construction = Perfect Mix For Clients. Look below for other unique advantages of listing or buying with us. 

  • Don't want to pay 6% commission to sell your home or property? We don't either! We are an independent brokerage that doesn't have to pay high franchise fees which allows us to pass on the cost savings to our clients and provide them with AFFORDABLE COMMISSION RATES. Low Overhead + Lean Business Principles = Cost Savings

  • Unsure of issues a potential home may have? Ryan has extensive experience in fire & water restoration. He has first-hand seen what deferred maintenance and construction defects can do to a property. Although not a home inspector, Ryan will point out potential issues BEFORE writing an offer. This benefit alone has saved clients from getting under contract on a home that has issues, or at least takes these issues into account when a client decides to write an offer. No property is perfect, but when we show homes we point out the negatives along with the positives to provide clients with an overall picture of a home and not one through rose-colored glasses. 

  • Dislike sales pitches or that feeling of being sold? We've heard from countless clients about how working with us was a completely different experience than working with your "run of the mill" Realtor. We've built our business on principles of hard work, authenticity, and integrity. Unfortunately over the years real estate agents have developed a public perception of being on par with used car salesman with some of their salesmanship. We differentiate and believe our knowledge, solutions we provide, attention to your needs, and authenticity make us a distinct choice without having  pitches, sales tactics, etc. Our motto is that "WE ARE ADVISORS, NOT SALESPEOPLE"


Contact us today!

If you're interested in having an informative, authentic conversation without a sales pitch regarding construction, real estate or property management, please fill out the form below. We look forward to speaking with you!

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